3. Team Management
Paper (e.g., Case Analysis) – Links with Course Objectives 1, 2, 3, and 4

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purposes of the team case analyses are to a) develop your critical thinking
skills, b) develop your problem solving and decision making abilities, and c)
to learn to work in a team environment to produce a product. Preparing a team
case analysis also provides you with an opportunity to develop your writing

on Team/Group Work:

major requirement for this course will be met through team/group work;
encourages group work since so many organizations use teams both face-to-face
and virtually. This course design is purposeful, so that students may take
advantage of the knowledge, skills, abilities and work experiences (intellectual
capital) each student brings to this course. All persons are expected to
participate fully and contribute to the goals and outcomes of the group. In the
event an individual is not meeting the expectations of the group, it will be up
to the group to seek modification of that person’s performance. If group
intervention is not successful, the group should contact the faculty person so
that the issues can quickly be resolved.

team managerial case analysis is designed to accomplish two goals. First, the
case will cover an important area of management problem solving, such as human
resources management, strategic marketing, and finance, and resident centered
care. The case reflects both internal and external organizational
factors that are necessary to understand and respond to if you are to be a
successful manager. Second, the case represents management analysis in a
specific type of long term care organization, such as a nursing home, home care
agency, hospice, or assisted living facility. Different teams will
address different management issues and long term care organizational settings
which adds breadth to the case study experience.

cases to be used in this class include the following:

session 8 – “A Tale of Two Nursing Home Administrators”, page 140-142,
Sweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook. The case study questions that you must
respond to are found on page 142.

session 9 – “Fox Meadows Assisted Living”, page 177-178, Sweeney-Feld and
Oetjen textbook. The case study questions that you must respond to are
found on page 178.

session 10 – “The Opening of Bright Horizons”. The case study is available in
the course content section of the classroom. The questions you that you must
respond to are found at the end of the case.

session 11 – “Cultural Competency Counts Galtier Health Center”, page 116-117,
Sweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook. The case study questions that you must
respond to are found on page 117.

cases are designed to allow you to apply the management principles discussed in
the course readings. By the end of the third week, you will be asked to
submit your preferences for the cases outlined in the syllabus to the
instructor. Be sure to select your preferences only among the cases listed in
the syllabus. You will be asked to prioritize your preferences; try to include
at least three preferences. Requests will be submitted via a no more than one
screen (page) due electronically to the instructor by posting the requests in
the class conference set up for this communication. The instructor will use
this information to assign each student to a single case study team.

note that every attempt will be made to accommodate your interests in this
class. Depending on class enrollment, approximately 5 students are expected to
be assigned to each team. However, since all cases must be covered, the
instructor may need to assign students to teams that are not on their list of
preferences. Also, failure to post your preferences by the due date will result
in the instructor assigning you a case assignment. The instructor’s decision on
assignment of teams is final.

review of each team case should not exceed 12 double spaced pages, not
including your APA cover page and a reference page. All type must be Times
Roman 12 point pica. Use the APA style for citing all sources.

team case analyses must be posted in the conference section according to the
dates and times identified in the syllabus. The due dates are important because
the instructor wants the cases posted to enable sufficient time for discussion
and dialog in the conference session associated with that topic. This
will allow students the time necessary to review the team’s case study before
responding in the scheduled conference. The goal is to provide a case analysis
that other students in the class can compare and contrast the different
approaches to the case review in preparation for the conference session that
follows. You also will post the team case analysis in your own assignment
folder for grading. Credit for team work and participation will be based
solely on postings in the Team Study Group. These study groups will be created
a few days after the instructor assigns students to each team.

team management paper (e.g., case analysis) accounts for 25 points, or 25
percent of your grade.

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