NR603 Week 3 Quiz 2020

NR 603 Week 3 Quiz

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  1. Which of the following drugs does the 8th Joint National Committee (JNC-8) 2014 Evidence Based Guidelines for the Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults recommend for the initial treatment for Caucasian males with microalbuminuria?


  1.  A 58 year old male presents to the clinic with a several year history of uncontrolled hypertension. You perform your physical assessment. Which group of physical findings is commonly seen in target organ change in uncontrolled hypertension?


  1. A 44 year old male patient presents to the clinic for evaluation of an episode of chest tightness that radiated to his back that he had earlier in the day when he was out for a walk. He states that once he came home and sat down, the chest tightness resolved. What is the most likely cause of the chest tightness?


  1. A 60 year old woman comes in to the clinic complaining of nausea, shortness of breath, and a dull pain in the middle of her back while playing tag in the yard with her grandchildren yesterday. Her past medical history includes CAD, Type 2 DM, and HTN. Lab work reveals negative Troponins.


The most appropriate diagnostic testing includes:


  1. Exercise tolerance Test (ETT) is the first line approach to detecting CAD in stable patients. However, ETT is contraindicated for some patients. Knowing when to consult with specialists is an important part of NP practice. Which patient should be referred to Cardiology to ordering and Exercise Tolerance Test?


  1. A 60 year old male with a history of Type 2 Diabetes and HTN comes in for a follow-up Blood Pressure Check to evaluate the recent medication/diet/exercise plan you prescribed at his visit 3 months ago. Hi BMI is 20


His Blood Pressures sitting and standing are


138/80 mm/Hg

132/76 mm/Hg


What is the best analysis of the prescribed treatment plan?

  1. This hypertensive drug is the first choice for diabetic and renal failure pts per National Guidelines.


  1. The leading cause of death for women in the United States is


  1. You are reviewing the labs of a 50 year old patient who presented to you for a physical examination. You note, upon review of her lab, that her triglycerides are 670. Triglyceride levels over 500 mg/dl raise an immediate concern for which of the following:


  1. An 82 year old obese female patient presents to the clinic complaining of gradually increasing shortness of breath, weight gain of 4 pounds in the last week and atrial fibrillation on EKG. The most likely cause of her symptoms is:


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