GCU HIM615 2022 April Discussions Latest (Full)

HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

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Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 What are the components of an information system? What does “accessibility” mean in the context of health care IT systems and how does it apply to health care settings? Provide a specific example to support your rationale.

DQ2 How do health care information systems enhance quality of care and coordination of care? Discuss at least two benefits and challenges of using information systems in health care.


HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 As a health information technology manager at your organization, what are some vital technical skill sets you would seek in a new hire? In which technical areas is your organization strong and in which areas do you see room for improvement?

DQ2 The health care IT industry faces new challenges based on new health care insurance provider requirements, including evolving guidance from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Describe a recent change to CMS regulatory reporting requirements and the role of a health information technology (HIT) professional in ensuring an organization is in compliance.


HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 Describe the life cycle of health information applications. Describe the role of a health informatics professional in managing health information throughout its life cycle and challenges related to protecting the integrity of health information.

DQ2 Discuss the process of managing the implementation of a major upgrade to an acute care hospital’s electronic health record system. What solution would you recommend for the major upgrade, including required resources, architecture, and the system upgrade process?


HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 4 Discussion

DQ1 Provide three examples of different terminology types used in health care technology and describe their role in enhancing communication.

DQ2 Research the consolidated clinical document architecture (C-CDA) messaging framework and describe its benefits and challenges.




HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 Identify the role of Python and other open source programming languages on electronic health records and the health care industry. What are the advantages of using open source programming? What are the disadvantages?

DQ2 Consider the functions and terminology within Python and other programming languages. Define the use of these elements in Python: if statements, loops, lists, and indices. Why is syntax important in computer language?


HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 6 Discussion

DQ1  & DQ2 



HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Identify the principal barriers to health information exchange. What impact do these barriers have on health information exchange?

DQ2 Describe the critical role of health information exchange in patient care at an organization level (across all facilities), statewide level, and national level. How do the goals of each vary and how is quality of care enhanced?


HIM615 Health Care Information Systems and Technology

Week 8 Discussion

DQ1 Describe data security and privacy threats within a health care system. What are the most common causes of health information system breaches and how can these be prevented?

DQ2 Which data elements of the patient record are considered protected health information (PHI) and which record types across the EHR system are considered PHI? Provide reasoning and examples.

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